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Rosh Hashana Links for Jewish Kids

Pages Just for Kids
Torah Tots Rosh Hashana Page
Jewish Games
Akhlah Kid's Info on Rosh Hashana
Chabad Flash Rosh Hashana for Kids
Learn the Luach
VJ Days of Awe for Kids
Rosh Hashana Word Game and other Activities
AMIT Rosh Hashsna Learning Quiz and links
Aish Rosh Hashana High Holiday fun activities
Aish Rosh Hashana for Kids
Ohr Sameach Rosh Hashana Quiz
Shema Yisrael Print and Coloring Book
Chabad High Holy Day Quiz
Email Rosh Hashana Cards

Research and Resources for Older Students and Adults
Rosh Hashana Preschool Ideas for art games snacks etc.
School and Group Activities for Rosh Hashana
ETNI Rosh Hashana Lesson Plans
Torah.org Rosh Hashana Pages
WUJS Lesson Plans for Rosh Hashsna
Jewish Virtual Library - Sukkot
Sukkot Links from Mish Mash
Everything Jewish Article on Sukkot
JewishHolidays.org Sukkot
Jewish New Year